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The contribution of renewable energy power plants is increasing every day. continues to increase day by day, gAnd grid-scale energy storage facilities will contribute to the creation of a more stable and sustainable network by storing and distributing this energy. Combining hardware, software, installation and service in a single integrated system, these systems will also reduce life cycle costs and provide reliable energy for national grid and new power plant investments.

Energy Storage Facilities, designed to offer low-cost, high-density grid-scale solutions, can be monitored and controlled remotely 24/7 by providing the solutions required by the networks with fully integrated battery modules, inverters, battery and energy management systems.

Featured Features

  • Ramp rate control
  • Displacement of the bending reserve
  • Load / peak shifting
  • Primary frequency control
  • Secondary frequency control
  • Energy arbitrage
  • Power factor correction
  • Balancing the grid
  • Transitional power

Pomega Energy Storage Technologies

Our R&D unit, which leads the way on cell storage, offers safe, fast and robust energy storage solutions in cell technology.

Long Life Use

Lithium iron phosphate battery cells have a longer life cycle than other cells due to chemistry of battery cells. Pomega enhanced the basic components of the battery, such as cathodes, anodes, electrolytes and polar parts of the battery to slow down battery capacity loss and extend the battery life.

Smooth Operation

Pomega provides security and reliability with well-selected and designed raw materials, multi-levelled protective structures, automatic production processes, comprehensive test and verification, 24-hours monitoring and early warning systems in real scenarios.

Effective and Profitable

With multiple scenario adaptation, it could be used with applications such as peak-shaving, arbitrage and side services. It also increases efficiency with smart systems as well as reduces electricity costs.

Flexible and Useful

Easy to install and maintain with modular design. Thanks to its high compatibility, the capacity could be increased. Parallel use is also allowed with high capacity.

Teknik Bilgiler

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