Energy Storage


Energy Storage


Residential Energy Storage Units

Residential Energy Storage

The use of household energy storage systems combined with solar or wind power plants and connected to the grid allows a household to store clean energy for its own use or to sell it back to the grid. The system can then be automatically recharged from the grid during off-peak hours, benefiting from cheaper tariffs. This creates a more flexible energy system, increasing the use of renewable energy while helping to decarbonize the grid.

Long-Lasting Use

Due to their chemistry, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cells have a longer service life compared to other cells. Pomega has upgraded the basic components of the battery, such as cathodes, anodes, electrolytes and pole pieces, in order to slow down the loss of battery capacity and extend battery life.

Smooth Operation

Pomega energy storage systems are designed by a strong and well-trained engineering team to work smoothly under every circumstances. They offer trouble-free product life with their multiple protective structures, comprehensive tests and 24/7 traceability.

Etkili ve Karlı

Pomega Energy Storage Systems, which are manufactured to work consistently in maximum compatibility for all kinds of scenarios, provide high stability solutions to their users for multiple purposes

Flexible and Convenient

Along with multi-scenario adaptation, the product could be used in implementations such as peak-shaving, arbitrage and ancillary services. Together with intelligent systems, it reduces the cost of electricity by increasing efficiency.

Technical Information

You can download the Pdf file containing detailed information about the product from the link below.


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