Sustainability values are based on 4 pillars:

Productuvity: Indoor, outdoor or beyond, responsible production for our customers, partners, stakeholders, employees and communities.

Planet: Protect planet, ecosystem and biodiversity with our sustainable products and services.

People: Respect for human rights, diversity and fair working conditions; improving the quality of living standards of our employees and society in the areas in which we operate.

Partnership: Sustainable, transparent and effective marketing activities and partnerships for a better environment and for healthy societies.



POMEGA has adopted the principle of innovation with safe and sustainable technology solutions.

Responsible Production and Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize sustainability in our business model and processes. Our innovation agenda aims to develop and implement sustainable and reliable technology solutions that increase resource productivity while significantly reducing the environmental impact of our customers and partners at every step along with their commercial activities.

We also adopt the sustainability approach of our customers, partners and stakeholders in an accountable (responsible) way in all aspects. (Türkçesinde sorun var) All requirements of the instructions and guidelines regarding environmental, social and workplace safety responsibilities are applied in a transparent manner at the production sites and in the field and are constantly followed.


Pomega adopts and implements a very comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution

Just like we care about the health, safety and well-being of our employees, we also support an accountable and responsible production approach along the entire value chain by considering and acting on environmental performance and site efficiency.

We always act with the awareness of our responsibilities towards humanity and the entire biodiversity of the planet.


Environmental and Social Adaptation

We adopt a very comprehensive sustainability strategy. We strive to ensure that all our production facilities comply with national environmental and social regulations at a minimum level and fulfill all necessary sustainable practices.

We seek to audit and support our products, manufacturing facilities and services with globally recognized and accredited certifications that will confirm them using transformative, reliable and sustainable technologies that has a positive impact on people and the planet. 

As corporation and in our mobile solutions factory we have ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2018, ISO/IEC 27001:2017; EN ISO 3834 – 2 systems certificates.

We continue to work on integrating latest and up-to-date certificates into our system that we believe that could support and strengthen our technical capacity and transparent sustainable business model.




POMEGA respects human rights, diversity and fair working conditions.

We are an objective company that sees the value underlying every idea, provides equal opportunities, favors diversity and open communication at every level, respects ethical values. Regardless of our background, religion or gender, we treat each other with respect.

We are committed to ensuring that our products are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions, including fair wages and compensation regulations all the time. We are also committed to ensure that all our employees both in our factories and offices at our disposal, and in sites located in different parts of the world comply with applicable national laws.

We take and implement all necessary safety measures to minimize construction site and workplace accidents to take care of the health, safety and security of our employees. We perform a special effort to work with business partners who have the same values and encourage them to act with the same approach we have. The training of our employees has always been an important element of our business success. We provide in-house and external courses for professionals and employees and encourage and support them to obtain the necessary professional trainings.

As a provider of sustainable technological products and solutions, our products and services are useful for maintaining ecosystem balance and biodiversity, with no negative impact on human and living health.

All Pomega Ennergy Storage Technologies Inc.  products are designed responsibly and environmentally friendly; never encourages crime, or to harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco use.

In addition, we have an important role in increasing welfare of societies of the regions in which we operate by providing employment opportunities to locals.



POMEGA believes in the sustainable development of local communities and the need for global cooperation for a world that could be inherited.


We constantly try to improve our sustainability strategy and keep up with industry dynamics and global standards.

In order to incorporate sustainability into the innovation process of our products and services and to make them visible, recognizable and applicable by our customers and stakeholders, we are currently negotiating and collaborating with leading NGOs, national and international platforms and global organizations. We are looking for opportunities to support working groups on how we can ensure a healthier and better environment for future generations, leave a legacy, maintain a balance of ecosystems and biodiversity, and improve the well-being of societies.