• Pomega Cell Series

    LFP Battery Cell

    LFP Battery Cell

    Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cells provide smooth operation of energy storage systems with a high number of cycles and maximize overall lifetime. They perform flawlessly in all conditions and provide users with highly stable solutions for a variety of purposes. In addition, the modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Pomega

    Residential Energy Storage Units

    Residential Energy Storage

    Residential Energy Storage Systems integrated with solar or wind power plants store clean energy, making it possible to use it for a resident's own energy needs or sell it back to the grid. This system can automatically recharge during low demand hours and benefit from more affordable tariffs. By increasing the use of renewable energy, this installation increases energy system flexibility and contributes to the decarbonization of the grid.

  • Pomega

    LFP Module

    LFP Battery Pack

    Pomega LFP Battery Modules are manufactured using the highly durable and economical Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cell. Available in 5.12 kWh, 7.68 kWh and 38.4 kWh capacities, these modules can be practically sized.

  • Pomega Battery Cabinet


    LFP Battery Cabinet

    Pomega Battery Cabinets include various LFP battery modules and offer a wide range of solutions from 51.2 kWh to ~384 kWh depending on the customer's needs. These cabinets can be used in many different areas from offices to hospitals, telecom towers to data centers.

  • Pomega Energy Storage Systems

    Utility Scale Energy Storage System

    These products offer optimal solutions for power plants, national grids, factories, home applications and high power demand areas. Pomega Energy Storage Systems have self-charging and self-discharging capabilities to reduce costs and control demand load.

  • Pomega Mobile Hybrid Power Generation Units

    Mobile Hybrid Energy

    Mobile hybrid power generation units offer off-grid power generation options, generating and storing energy from renewable sources and providing 24/7 uninterrupted use. These systems support decentralized and off-grid power generation and include integrated mobile power generation technologies such as mobile solar panels, wind turbines, and lithium battery cells.

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