Conventional Power


Conventional Power


Pomega Energy Storage for Conventional Power Plants

Conventional Power Plant

Renewable energy plants, with their fluctuating structures, have variable and sometimes unpredictable production profiles throughout the day. Production resources such as solar, wind and hydro themselves are the biggest The biggest reason for this situation. is the production resources (solar, wind, hydro, etc.) has an effect. In These resources renewable energy plants, it i are simplys constantly variable. However, in our today’s world, where carbon emissions are being tried to be reduced, Energy Storage Systems offer unique opportunities to maintain production energy generation based on renewable energy sources, and ensuringe that fewer need for traditional conventional power generation facilities are needed on the grid. With Energy Storage Systems, excess excessive production can be stored during the day and used when production is reduced needed.

Featured Features

  • Displacement of the spinning reserve
  • Ramp speed control
  • Load/peak shift
  • Frequency regulation
  • Energy arbitrage
  • Black-Start
  • UPS/bridging power
  • Transition power
  • Power factor correction

Pomega Energy Storage Technologies

Our R&D unit, which leads the way on cell storage, offers safe, fast and robust energy storage solutions in cell technology.

Long Life Use

Lithium iron phosphate battery cells have a longer life cycle than other cells due to chemistry of battery cells. Pomega enhanced the basic components of the battery, such as cathodes, anodes, electrolytes and polar parts of the battery to slow down battery capacity loss and extend the battery life.

Smooth Operation

Pomega provides security and reliability with well-selected and designed raw materials, multi-levelled protective structures, automatic production processes, comprehensive test and verification, 24-hours monitoring and early warning systems in real scenarios.

Effective and Profitable

With multiple scenario adaptation, it could be used with applications such as peak-shaving, arbitrage and side services. It also increases efficiency with smart systems as well as reduces electricity costs.

Flexible and Useful

Easy to install and maintain with modular design. Thanks to its high compatibility, the capacity could be increased. Parallel use is also allowed with high capacity.

Technical Informations

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