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Energy Storage System

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Energy Storage System

Pomega Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

Pomega Enerji Depolama Teknolojileri (”Pomega“) is a subsidiary of Kontrolmatik and is currently in the investment phase of a Lithium Iron Phosphate (”LFP") based battery cell production facility in Turkey. It is envisaged that the final investment will consist of 3 phases with a total capacity of 2.25 GWh when completed.

This ongoing investment in Polatlı / Ankara will contribute to reducing the foreign dependency of Türkiye. In 3 phases, the total capacity of the plant will be 2.25 GWh of which the first stage is planned to be 500 MWh. The first phase will create more than 250 jobs when completed, and additional 600+ employment is aimed at the commissioning of all phases.

Pomega Enerji Depolama Teknolojileri A.Ş. will respond to the increasing demand of the industry by producing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells, modules and energy storage systems. These products will be the best solutions for power plants, national grids, factories, home applications and other areas that require high power.

POMEGA Energy Storage Systems are combined battery systems that allow energy generated from desired source to be stored in lithium-ion battery groups at the desired time and be used again with high efficiency at the desired place and time.

The main purpose of Pomega solutions for power grids is to convert electrical energy into a form to be stored, store it and, if necessary, transfer it back to the grid as electrical energy. These systems are installed together with control and management systems to support a safe and reliable operating process. The goal is not only to provide local control, but also to ensure coordinated control of equipment throughout the national network. Pomega energy storage systems can self-charge and discharge to reduce costs and control the demand load. Some implementation forms of Pomega Energy Storage Systems, which could be be installed in an integrated way in energy production facilities such as Wind Power Plants and Solar Power Plants, are as follows:

-Arbitrage -Hill Leveling -Load Displacement -Balancing -Frequency Control (Primary & Secondary) -Black-Start -Power Quality Regulation

Long-Lasting Use

With Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery Cells, it could be reached to a high number of cycles smoothly, also the total life cycle of the systems could be maximized. There are three different types of battery cell manufacturing - 100 ah, 150 ah and 280 ah - available

Smooth Operation

Pomega Energy Storage Systems are designed by a strong and well-trained engineering team to work smoothly under every circumstances. They offer trouble-free product life with their multiple protective structures, comprehensive tests and 24/7 traceability.

Effective and Profitable

Pomega Energy Storage Systems, which are manufactured to work consistently in maximum compatibility for all kinds of scenarios, provide high stability solutions to their users for multiple purposes

Flexible and Convenient

Easy to install and maintain with modular design. Thanks to its high compatibility, the capacity could be increased. Parallel use is also allowed with high capacity.


Our R&D unit, which leads the way on cell storage, offers safe, fast and robust energy storage solutions in cell technology.

Technical Information

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